Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A harmonica trick: bending note

well here is to anybody who has a harmonica and wants to play it, I'll show you some cool stuff about the guitar later in the future.
 If you don't know how to bend a note on a diatonic harmonica, you'll soon get boring with this intrument, because this is the most popular ,the best and the trickiest technique on the harmonica, along with the over blow technique

 Bending note only happens when you draw. At playing a harmonica, you should start with the C harmonica. You can only bend notes at the 1st,2nd, 3rd,4th and 6th holes. Here is the picture wich illustrates possible bend and overblow notes on a C harmonica:
you can see in the 2nd, 3rd, you can bend more than a half step, it depends on how deep is your tounge bending in the middle.

 First, let me show you how this works
 the Hamonica notes change when you change the dirrection of the air you draw in.

 In order to do this, you have to make a special position of your touge and lips. Some people say the best way to learn this technique is saying "Weeeeee", and then say "ooooooo" to bend (of course we just need the mouth position when I said that, you can't actually say anything when you are drawing XD) . If you do this the first time and the note actually bended, then you're better than me!
 It took me sometimes to figure out, and what I did is I put the hole a little down, it worked to.
remember this is not how you do it and don't get used to it because this is just for you to understand how it works.

 As I said before, you have to bend your touge, and remember to put your tounge always at the middle of your lips so in can dirrect the air.

 I found a really nice web site, wich has picture that make you easy to understand, is one of the top web site when you find "bend harmonica" on Google.

so this his how you bend it on the 4th (D to C#)
Note Bending
 bend your tounge lower when for a step a step and a half at the 3rd hole:
Note Bending

 Pretty hard right?. That is because you've just made your tounge to something it has never done before. Now you've understood how to bend it, it's just the matter of time until you become a harmonica pro. good luck
 This is the most difficult technique on the harmonica, others are pretty cool too,like the overblow, it's still a note bending technique but way easier, the easy wah-wah that you cannot miss in a blues song... I'll teach you next time. Have fun practicing!

Done with the Harmonica. How about some guitar next?

Alright... So I have talked with you guys about the harmonica, a simple yet hard-to-play instrument. I can see that many people are into guitar as well as the harmonica, or in some way, even more into the guitar. And since I have just recently bought the Jay Turser 220CS and it was one bad ass masterpiece.
Like other brands, the pickups that come with the guitar, aka factory default pickups, are just some "pieces of garbage". But, unlike the default pickups of other brands, the Jay Turser's ones are those with higher gain. Yes. The gain is so high that I always accidentally end up making feedbacks. And every time I do, the neighbors start whining (Oops!). But I have changed it with a pair of DiMarzio so it won't be a problem.
The 220CS was Les Paul-like guitar. Classic body with a single cutaway and locked bridge. Nothing special. But the frets are what makes the 220CS the greatest guitar I have ever picked up: It makes my solos much easier. Probably because the fret nuts are far apart from each other, and are pretty high.
But I always get mad with the cutaway: It's too shallow. Too shallow cutaway so every time I have to solo on high frets, I just want to pick up a knife, put my hand on the table and chop it off.
If you want to buy some guitar for your student daily life play, I would recommend it with a pair of new pickups and you are good to go.

Music talk: the harmonica

Well, I'm not gonna tell everything about the harmonica because I will make you bored even before you have read half of this post. It's just that...since I've been fascinated about intruments, especially the harmonica, I feel like I should share something with those who (might) want to play this wonderful intrument.
 I was suprised to know that the harmonica's great grandpa was from South-East Asia (Indo-China) since the 12th century, and came to Europe. Well since then, that big old bamboo horn developed...
 I'm a big fan of Blues music, so there wasn't a doubt that I was interested right away by the sound of the harmonica, from the songs of BB King, Elvis Presley,The Beatles, Bob Dylan... yes sir! On my opinion, no harmonica sounds better than a blues diatonic from the club bars of the American streets or from desert of Western cowboys...
 If you want to buy a harmonica to play the blues, make sure you didn't buy the wrong harmonica, the diatonic harmonic sounds way driffrent from the others. There are many kind of harmonica, I'm going to show you a few popular kind that new players may mistake it with the diatonic.

-The tremolo: This one has light kind of sound which is aproppriate with modern love songs and maybe asian romantic love song, so this harmonica is very popular in asian's intrument store, in other word, It'll be difficult to find a Diatonic in asia, you might get a Tremolo instead.

a tremolo harmonica
 The tremolo Diatonic has 3 sizes, the 16 holes, 20 holes and the 24 holes. The Tremolo has double reed-plate (the metal plate that make notes when you blow) so if there is 16 columns, there are 32 holes since there are 2 rows.
The tremolo harmonica sounds the same when you blow or draw it, and you can't do anything but blow or draw it, and the tremolo is just for playing melody parts of the songs, not for playing chord or solo, so it's pretty boring.

-The Chromatic. Now I don't know much about this guy but I'm pretty sure it's just for playing simple melody too. This one has much more convenient to play because it has (almost?) every note, there's a button (or something like that) on the side of the harmonica, normally there are major notes when you blow or draw the holes, but if you adjust the button, each note will become its sharp note. There not much you can do more with the chromatic than the tremolo wich is usually cheaper, this one is usually for children to play as I knew.

a chromatic harmonica

-Others like the orchestral harmonica, chord harmonica and some Chinese harmonicas do pretty much the same, but they have certain different sound wich could be interesting. There are kinds that design for playing chords too
a chord harmonica
this Chord Harmonica can play very much every kind of chords:minor, major, sharp, flat, even seventh...

 But yeah! nothing interests me more than the diatonic. The Diatonic harmonic is more difficult to play well with tecniques and missing note that you have to figuer out to make a good solo. Each Diatonic harmonica only designed for a few among of chords, like the C harmonica can solo at the C, G, D(maybe) major chord,the diatonic harmonica is just for blues or rock n roll music so it plays very well on seventh chord and rarely on minor chords. With a diatonic harmonica, you can think of your own harmonica solo quickly with the right song,right chords, using various techniques like bending notes, wah wah, the train... everthing that fits the rythm and the chord.
 So have a harmonica (10$ or 20$) and have a great time, you can perform with other intruments (usually guitar) by using the harmonica holder. so you can play the guitar for the chord, sing for the melody and play the harmonica for the solo, the chicks are gonna like it XD

 I can play the harmonica, not so good but I know a few poppular techniques that I will show you in the note of the near future.

 Here are some examples for songs wich has harmonica playing:

P.S: Sorry for the terrible grammar.

How the music industry rises and falls in the view of a student.

"Yes". That's the answer if someone will ask me "Do you think music makes your soul?". Music makes everyone's soul, from the orphan kids, to the employed people, to the billionaires and even the gods.
Music is, in my humble opinion, what being the inspiration of everything, include itself. From the primal ages, people have discovered the beats with the drums. Then comes the rhythms of poetry, and then, the rhythm of music. In music, we find ourself and people. We know, every time the music starts, that we have the same soul with the artist.
Music in ages before was not considered not to be done by everyone. Only those who have the deepest soul of the societies, those who live in the nature and believe in mother earth can write down the chords, the beats, the rhythm that touch everyone's heart. It was the golden age of classic music.
And then, the time that the more casual music was written came, in which that people can express themselves by writing down some guitar notes, some piano chord, some beat of drums, and they can say what the people at their same age want to say. Jazz music was created. And it was the great piece of life, the blue piece.
Go a little further, we can find Blues, the genre that makes us want to dance around, or lie down and rest after a work-hard day. It was the time that music comes everywhere. Everyone can play, can write music. Music really becomes the soul.
Then, comes the 70s, and 80s of the 20th century. There were Metal, Hard Rock, those genres that are rebellious. It helps people to express the need of freedom.
Music gave people the soul, the inspiration, the comfort, the freedom. Music is the god. Music is omnipotent.
But, these days, many people just write down some random chords according to the "Circle of Fifth" and then record it. Suddenly, it becomes the hit. No passion, no creation, not even difference.
1997, comes the Auto-tune, the reaper that killed the music industry. With it, anyone can be super star. If so, what is the meaning of being a super star?
It's not that these days, people cannot "create". There are many artists who are still contributing with their passion. For example, Per-Olov Kindgren. He both covers and composes. All of his pieces are wonderful.
But does he have the fame that everyone wants?
No. Because he does not want it. He wants to contribute, not to be a star.
And that's what all the musicians want.

Helloooooooooo World.

So... been surfing on the internet for roughly 4 years, yet I have never made a blog. Now, I decided to have one.
Now, for the introduction: I am a 23 years old boy, yet still taking courses at an university. People usually think I am energetic and passionate, which I, in my humble opinion, think it's right.
I am especially interested in music(mostly hard stuffs like heavy metal, thrash metal, hard rock, and some other classic pieces), gaming(I am kind of a hardcore FPS gamer) and movies(Yeah I totally am into the horror genre).
Well that's for the first day. I think I am good enough. Hellooooo bloggers.