Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Helloooooooooo World.

So... been surfing on the internet for roughly 4 years, yet I have never made a blog. Now, I decided to have one.
Now, for the introduction: I am a 23 years old boy, yet still taking courses at an university. People usually think I am energetic and passionate, which I, in my humble opinion, think it's right.
I am especially interested in music(mostly hard stuffs like heavy metal, thrash metal, hard rock, and some other classic pieces), gaming(I am kind of a hardcore FPS gamer) and movies(Yeah I totally am into the horror genre).
Well that's for the first day. I think I am good enough. Hellooooo bloggers.


  1. welcome, can't wait to see more posts

  2. Welcome to blogging, enjoy your stay :)