Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Done with the Harmonica. How about some guitar next?

Alright... So I have talked with you guys about the harmonica, a simple yet hard-to-play instrument. I can see that many people are into guitar as well as the harmonica, or in some way, even more into the guitar. And since I have just recently bought the Jay Turser 220CS and it was one bad ass masterpiece.
Like other brands, the pickups that come with the guitar, aka factory default pickups, are just some "pieces of garbage". But, unlike the default pickups of other brands, the Jay Turser's ones are those with higher gain. Yes. The gain is so high that I always accidentally end up making feedbacks. And every time I do, the neighbors start whining (Oops!). But I have changed it with a pair of DiMarzio so it won't be a problem.
The 220CS was Les Paul-like guitar. Classic body with a single cutaway and locked bridge. Nothing special. But the frets are what makes the 220CS the greatest guitar I have ever picked up: It makes my solos much easier. Probably because the fret nuts are far apart from each other, and are pretty high.
But I always get mad with the cutaway: It's too shallow. Too shallow cutaway so every time I have to solo on high frets, I just want to pick up a knife, put my hand on the table and chop it off.
If you want to buy some guitar for your student daily life play, I would recommend it with a pair of new pickups and you are good to go.


  1. I dunno - guitars are pretty hard to play.

  2. I love guitar. Good suggestions and I love harmonica too.